Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Precious Few

There are moments I'm elated and feel I'm walking on cloud nine without a worry on my mind. I'm free and stress less and happy. All the pieces fit and I'm fitting with them. These moments, I relish them because I know how fleeting they are.

With no warning, no just an abrupt halt it all ends and at times I feel I'm slapped with the reality of some strange loneliness that haunts me. Like I'm in a crowded room but yet I feel I am standing alone. I crave a time when I felt gotten by people rather than the blank stares or awkward silence on the end of a phone line.

I've changed, I know and I'm happy with me and a point in my life where words like peaceful and tranquil could very easily describe how I feel about me but yet no one around me quite knows what to make of it. So at times I feel lonely.

I also feel relieved for finally feeling comfortable in this skin, even if very few really get me anymore.

But, those very few, and you know who you are, that do get me I cherish you. You are like precious treasures that I will guard and handle delicately because of you, my beautiful gems, I don't know where I would be right now, going through what I have these past few months without you.

So once again, I'm thankful.

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