Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Turning January

A few days back my sister asked me a question about when the baby comes. Honestly, I don't remember the question but I do remember this: I responded to said question by saying something along the lines of worrying about in January to which she said, sorta as I don't remember her exact wording but it doesn't matter here, January is next week.


That was the sound my head made when yesterday, it turned January. I have exactly 23 days until my due date. 3 1/2 weeks until my due date. On Friday I'll have only 3 weeks left until my due date.

People, in a few shorts weeks I'm having a baby, another baby.

When I went to the doctor's on Monday I was mildly disappointed when he very casually snickered at the thought of me coming early and instead assured me that my body is loving this pregnancy and it's his best guess that I'll be pregnant up until my due and maybe even a few days afterwards. I would disagree with him but sadly he's a pretty smart guy when it comes to baby's as he's the top dog doctor at my delivering hospital and is so wise like that that he's going to Mexico next week with his residence from the hospital to teach a remote village how to properly deliver babies. At the moment I was bitter but then I realized that by saying I'd be on time, we're only talking like 3 1/2 MORE WEEKS.

*Deep breath just taken*

I'm excited about meeting Rosemary. Let me say that. And let me also say how much I do love my unborn child. I think it's going to be great being a Mama to two girls and am comfortable already referring to them as "The girls".

But I am sad also.

I absolutely adore Camille. I hate the thought of being away from her so much that I don't think she'll be going to Preschool. I just adore that funny little child and don't like not being with her day and night. She truly is amazing and if you haven't met her in person, I suggest you do it someday. The thought of another child invading her little space, honestly, it makes me a little sad. I worry about how Camille will feel and if I'm jipping her of something, I don't know what, but just something I won't be aware of. Will she still be happy and enjoy her days with me? Will she still know how much I completely adore her? Will I adore Rosemary as much as I adore Camille? What happens if I adore Rosemary more?

I know it will all work out. Plenty of people have more than one child and the oldest child adjust perfectly. They don't see it the way we, the parents do and we end up putting all this worrying in for no good reason so I just try to not think about it.

3 1/2 more weeks people.

January seriously just snuck up on me.

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