Friday, January 04, 2008

Of Bottles and Diapers

When I was pregnant with Camille, I was totally prepare for her arrival to come in October. I had every single thing set to go: Carseat, stroller, rocking chair, diapers, wash clothes, Desitin. Everything was all nicely organized in pretty little piles all ready for our shining star to make her appearance. The pack n play had been unpacked already and played with once and packed back up and put nicely under the empty crib which was not filled with outgrown toddler clothes but instead a very curious big grey cat (which to this day I swear is part Puma). We were ready, Lamaze was taken, diaper bag was set.

I freaked out in the middle of the baby section at Target last night.

I am no more prepared for this baby as I am for Camille to go to Kindergarten. I have nothing, nada, not one single diaper. Sure sure, I have all her clothes in her drawers, which is a good thing because she'll be going through those quickly with no diaper on. And let's just pray that Rosemary doesn't get a diaper rash on her diaper less bottom because we have run out of Desitin since Camille got potty trained, I realized this at exactly 7:08 last night. And if she needs a bath? Hahaha! Maybe the cat can come over and bathe her seeing we have no bath seat and no wash clothes thanks to our friend hard water that totally ruined our last bath seat which, I loved with all my heart and shed a little tear when it broke.

Nope, not a damn thing, not even a stroller. See, I want this double stroller, I love this double stroller. Why, you ask? Well, apparently, unlike any of my or D's siblings, we inherited the Giraffe gene in the family and we look quite hunchback when strolling Camille as strollers apparently are only designed for the vertically challenged. But this stroller, it's biggest complaint for people is that the handle bars are to high which means they are perfect for us.

Oh and let's pray she nurses, because I haven't even unpacked the bottles.

Yeah, I did a baby registry like 3 months ago one night while I was bored but the poor thing sits there all by it's lonesome covered it dust. I just don't have the time to actually think about it.

There is no point here really except to announce to the whole Internet how unready I am and am sorta thanking my uncomfortable lucky stars that we still have 3 weeks left to type up directions to Target so my family members can run out in a mad dash and buy some damn diapers when they come!

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