Wednesday, December 26, 2007


2 years ago, at exactly 4:56 am I met Camille. We had a long 36 hours of labor, but finally, she decided to come on her own terms, on her time. And thus began that incredible journey of motherhood for me.
12 months ago we celebrate that day in our new home, with our new 1 year old. I thought then what an awesome experience it had been up to that point to be this incredible little girls Mom. I couldn't imagine it could have gotten any better.
24 months later, I still have absolutely no regrets quitting my job and making life changes so I could stay home with my daughter. If I thought life with a one year old fun, never could I have imagined how life with this 2 year old could be. Camille is amazing and she has taught me so much about myself, more than I thought I ever had to learn. The journey at times has been quite exhausting and I find my patience a little tested, but it's been worth it.

Camille, if you ever get a chance to read this one day, please know how absolutely wonderful you are. I pray to God you will look back at your childhood and feel nothing but the love that your Dada and I have for you. I pray you will always know how deeply your wanted, how strongly you are respected and how never ending our love is for you.

If I thought these past 24 month have been fun, I can't imagine want the next 12 will bring us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Monsty!

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