Friday, January 25, 2008

Eviction Notice

One would think that after 21 solid days of not posting you'd think that meant I had a baby by now and just forgot to tell you. Well, here's a clue to what's going on around here:

See that?

Yep, still pregnant, not budging. She's a smart one, my Rosemary, and has learned about the drastic drop in temperatures here in Frozen Tundra and has opted to stay in until Spring. If I thought the screams of her sister were enough to frighten her, the screams of her Mama freezing must have just tipped the scales.

But that is alright, I'm getting by, somehow. I was mentally prepared to not deliver before or around my due date. I knew I wasn't going to be one of those women and it works out for me. See that post below? The one listing all the things we still hadn't done yet? We did them, every last one of them so now I'm much more prepared.

So, really, that is all I have to say to for now. I'm off to lift heavy objects, jump up and down with Camille, basically anything I can do to inform Rosemary of her eviction notice.

(The reluctant Princess)

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