Sunday, November 11, 2007

Success hear that?

That is my sigh of relief as I think about all we got accomplished this weekend.

Both girls rooms are done, complete, finished.

Sorta, for the exception of small things, like curtains for Camille's windows (GranMama is working on that) and a new rocking chair and bookshelf for Rosemary's room (no need to buy that until January) everything upstairs is done.

I know, I know the word that pops into everyone's mind: Nesting.

But you're wrong. As D said, I've been nesting since we got married because I work like this all the time, especially when things are bothering me, like now, things are bothering me. Or were bothering me, up until this evening. When things are bothering me, and I feel out of control, I clean, quite therapeutic.

And it's very nice to go bleh in the faces of those who claim I procrastinate.


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