Monday, November 12, 2007

Help Wanted

I'm typically not one to ask for help and receiving help from strangers is usually accepted with much hesitance. I blame my Granny, because you must blame some family members for certain behaviors, as I get my strong willed mentality from her and her Mother (so I hear).

Today while grocery shopping, I was almost finished up and out of nowhere my bladder felt like it was on the verge of failure. I knew it was pointless finding the nearest restroom as I had a cart full of food and a toddler whom I would have to carry in with me to the bathroom. I just didn't have the bladder control for all of that. Instead, while watching my groceries get rung up and my bill go sky high I constructed a plan on how I was going to maneuver the shopping cart, the toddler and the bags to the car. Of all days I parked far far away from the cart drop off, so this added an additional element of suspense. As I was in my daze, the guy bagging my groceries asks me if I needed additional help. I paused, he paused almost looking like a deer in headlights as he pointed to my protruding stomach as if to say "Oh dear God please tell me you are pregnant and don't just have a huge beer gut" and I got it. I now officially look worn out with my waddles and my toddlers that the sweet high school bagger shows me mercy. I almost said no, but thank you and was going to walk away when Rosemary gave me a swift kick to remind of how stupid it would be to deny such help during this crucial, code red bladder time.

So I accepted with no regret and hesitation.

I swear, sometimes I can be so stupid!

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