Saturday, November 10, 2007

Selective Mercy

Camille isn't one to take major changes with out a fight. Last month we decided to "start" potty training. I had every intention for us to fail, not that I had a bad attitude about it, just a realistic attitude based on our experience with the transition from things like the bottle to cup, formula to milk and her lack of enthusiasm for walking. All three of these were struggle, so I was okay when we decided to stop and take a step back, thanks to some great advice from an very wise friend. That's not to say she didn't show some good signs, she just acted her normal self. She didn't have any accidents while at home, none what so ever. That's good, right? Well, sort of. Instead she just refused to go. At all. Like for 4 hours of refusal to go but yet she would cry that she wanted to go. And when she finally sat to go? Huge, HUGE battle. So we stepped back and gave her some space. Now she's ready, I can tell. She now tells me every time she has gone and refuses to sit in a full diaper. However, we decided to not go back to potty training until we had her moved into her new bedroom.

See, there is one thing, just one small thing Camille will give pity to us on. She will sleep anywhere, she's nice like that. Go to Mimi and Beepa's for the first time and put her in a double bed as opposed to her toddler bed? Doesn't make a sound. Even when we moved into this house last year, never had set foot inside of the house before, she slept like an angel.

D and I have worked our fingers raw since Friday getting this new room together. Today we put the final touches of paint in the closet and put up her new bookshelf. The plan was to be nice parents and move her in tomorrow so she could start out in there during nap. But our child, our sweet girl who keeps reminding us who really is in charge here was determined to sleep in her room tonight. This determination was made clear at 6:30 this evening, just 1 hour before bedtime. It's now 10:00. And as of this moment she is sound to sleep, no fight, no mess, no nothing.

But sippy cups? Milk? Potty training? Those things she shows us no mercy for.

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