Friday, November 09, 2007

Simply Brilliant

I've come up with a brilliant idea to get through these NaBloMoPo weekends without cheating. Weekends are always hard because you know no one ever reads so why waste the time?

So for Friday blogging this month, here's what we're doing:

You remember way back when and how every Friday I did Lunch on Fridays and highlighted new sites? Well, I'm not going to do exactly that, but something close enough, just to keep things interesting here and if you're nice, I might even carry it through the month of November and keep it a regular here, if you keep reading! I'm going to bring to light my favorite post of the week, the one I think you should be reading if you're not already.

This site has been my favorite since I started blogging 3 (whole) years ago and I've "seen" this amazing person go through so many changes as she has found her place in this world. I have followed her from being a Mama of 1 in a tiny apartment to the birth of her son and finally to what seems like a peaceful place in her life, in her own home and her own skin. She has inspired me in so many ways, more than she probably even realizes! I know I mentioned her yesterday, but she wrote a great post the other day about the lead paint issue with toys from China. She is thought provoking with a good sense of humor. I challenge you this weekend to go through her site and get inspired like I have!


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