Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enough being Enough

Recently, a few friends of mine, who also stay home with their kids, have expressed a desire to go back to work. We all know, those of us who stay home, how hard it can be, how demanding this job can be. There are days when it feels like my old job wasn't nearly as consuming as this new job is so whenever a fellow Mom expresses her desire or shares a daydream about going back to work we all nod in understanding. But the reasons I'm hearing have nothing to do with needing a break or the desire to be able to sit for more than 5 minutes without someone demanding a sippy cup refill. Instead it was a shared desire for more money to be able to afford that bigger house, the nicer car and trendier brand clothes and accesories. To each his own, we are all driven by different things.

But these conversations recently have gotten me to thinking: When is enough, enough. How much will it take until we are content?

So you get that bigger house, that bigger, newer house but you also get that bigger mortgage. You finally buy that nicer car, the one where you take out even more of a loan with a larger payment each month. Happily you now can walk into any store and afford that 1K purse but how long will that keep a smile plastered to your face? How many more handbags will you have to buy to keep your face looking that way. And let's not even go to the fact that half of Americans are so far in debt they'll never be free of it. How about that noose around your neck? Is it really that comfortable?

Rachel and her simple living mentality has really started me to thinking. I remember a post she had a few months back about consumerism and how she couldn't walk out of a Target empty handed. She commented, and it stuck for some strange reason "Do my kids really need another sippy cup". I know, strange comment to stick with me, but somehow it did and she has started me on a new wave of thinking of when is enough enough. When did become so cliche to just be content and thankful for the things we have. When will be happy? How much more do we need? Don't get me wrong, I like nice things. I dress my daughter nicely along with myself and D. I like my house to be decorated and match. But what I don't want is for it to be the driving force in my life that it controls everything about me. I want to be able to get to a point where I fully content with what I have.

These friends, we all live in a nice neighborhood. Own decent cars. Have resources to treat ourselves to a cup of coffee when we please or dinner with our families. Maybe it's because my view on what is enough has changed, but I feel immensely blessed. I don't desire that bigger, newer house. I like my home, it fits us just fine. I don't desire that nicer car. I love my Honda, it also fits me. And as far as walking into a store and buy whatever I want at whatever price? My only way to respond to that is those are the exact type of people I thank because I know in just a few short months it just won't be enough anymore and it'll wind up in my local Salvation Army where I'll buy your $50 jeans for $5!

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