Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ummm, yeah, I failed the challenged. I'm a quitter, I do realize that and I'm sorry. But really it was totally unrealistic of me to even consider taking on yet another project at this stage of my life. Being pregnant with a toddler is a project enough and come evening I'm so zonked I can't see straight. Plus, hell, you fine folks stopped commenting so I lost my will post, so it's you're fault really, blame your own darn selves..hahaha! How's that for passing the buck?

Seriously though, that little stretch of time that I was kicking the challenges butt I did come realize how much I miss writing even if no one is there reading. It was quite cathartic and it made me feel good, when I could keep my eyes open long to write. There are weeks in this pregnancy when I'm full of energy, those however are the same weeks that we take a break from household projects in lieu of Rosemary's arrival. D and I have worked our selves crazy getting this place put together and I'm proud to say that our to-do list only contains one more small task which I won't be helping with, hallelujah, because hanging closet doors falls more into his Engineering expertise so I leave it to him.

And this is a good time to add that we won't be traveling at all, anywhere, for the holiday this week and may I please say how relieved I am about that. I'm to exhausted at this point to pack and travel and visit and then travel some more. We're staying home sweet home with ourselves and only ourselves. It will be a strange change as for the last 30+ years of my life have been spent with family. My entire family will be together though, without me (hmph) but that is okay. Sometimes in life you learn that you must put yourself and your health first above everyone elses. This is a lesson I'm finding hard to learn.

So, for you two readers who still visit, I promise, although I have failed the challenge, the short time I attempted did reignite my love of writing so I will be back soon, after I wake up that is.

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