Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As I see fit

I don't want any of you to get the wrong idea based on my post from last week....there really is no drama between me and the old employer. Just a lot of hurt feelings on my part, which is normal for a sensitive person like myself. It should also be noted that there is no drama in my life whatsoever. You are treading on drama free territory at the moment and I plan for it stay that way for a while.

Last weeks post was just all about me needing to vent, to get that small weight off my shoulders. There is something to be said about working through emotions via writing. I've been so afraid to admit publicly my frustration with the old employer because I am well aware that people with ties to them read this site. I won't say I don't care anymore, because deep down inside I'll always care. I think saying I'm no longer concerned is a better way to describe my feeling on things. I am not concerned if people find out that I'm upset with them. I am not concerned who reads this site anymore. It just doesn't bother me. As I've noted before, and here I go beating that dead point again, my abrupt end to checking statcounter has improved my blogging by leaps and bounds, not maybe in your eyes though. I know my postings are sporadic. Some weeks I post several times, some weeks I post once. But there is no longer a stress to post just to post. I post when I am feeling like there is something worth while to share. I post when I need to unload things that are weighing me down.

Today I feel happy. I feel on top of the world but am well aware that these winter blues that have been nagging at me can creep back up at any time. I feel at peace with relationships both good and bad and have a sense of freedom in the ones which are, not so good, I actually don't like referring to them as bad. I'd prefer to think as them on pause for a undecided amount of time.

I feel inspired today to write. I'm might not feel that way tomorrow. Tomorrow I might feel bitey and not post at all until next week. But whatever that mood will be, you can rest assured that I will turn here to share it not based on some blog popularity contest or fear of judgement from readers. I'll be who I need to be and post as I see fit.

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