Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Airing

Due to my lack of posting in the past week, or over the past week for those of you keeping score, I think now would be a good time for the airing of grievances. I mean sure, why not. I'm certain there have had to have been somethings in the past 10 days since I've been on hiatus that you're just itching to bitch about, because I sure as heck know that I do.

How about I go first, and then you all can just follow my lead, okay?

I am frustrated and slightly feeling a hint of betrayal towards my ex-coworkers.

Ahhh...I finally said it and admitted it. In my mind, I've extended the olive branch. I've emailed, and they've even been the nice kind of emails inviting them to lunch and all sorts of stuff and all I get back in return is snooty snooty responses. I knew it was going to be a downhill battle when I had only been gone for a few months and the job they had promised me they gave to someone else and then proceeded to twist the truth about the exact position they may or may have not given to that someone else. I had a huge debate with myself about how to handle it but I just let it go because in the long run I was not sure if I could have even left Camille for more than an hour without a breakdown. So, in my mind, it was all divine intervention.

But then it got worse. I used to see a few of them for coffee and what not's. They used to email and say how much they wanted to be in my life. We used to meet places. Oh, it was grand. But then, it stopped. And strangely it stop when D lost his job and I in holy shit mode decided to look for work because we all knew that the severance pay would end and there was no guarantee he would have work by then. They all turned on me. I asked for help (ie: side work), and the jerks turned on me.

How's that for being grown up.

Today it is crawling under my skin and it's most likely pestering me because I once again was asked which place of employment type* I would recommend to a woman in the playgroup today. The one I worked for or the competition and I, with a smile of dignity and grace, constantly, constantly defend them and play devil's advocate when deep down inside I want sweet sweet revenge. I don't do what my inner monologue beckons me to do. Instead I give a neutral, educated opinion and help them weigh the facts based on the type of service they need and can afford. I have knives sticking out of my back but yet I am still buttering the bread that feeds them.

What's that saying? And you learn to accept defeat with the grace of a woman not the grief of a child. To me, they have acted like nothing but spoiled little children. I will only respond with the dignity that they constantly lack.

Okay, I've worked through that, who's next?

*See that, still, although airing my grievance, don't disclose the exact place I worked. How's that for dignity!

P.S. I'm so so sorry I left so abruptly. Please go ahead and blame Mother Nature and her insistence on sending snow storms around the same time I'm to drive to PA through the damn Pocono's. I left early and returned late and shopped so much I was to exhausted to land my little fingers on the keyboard to tell anyone. Now go list your grievances before I leave again!

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