Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scratch and Sniff

You smell that?

(sniff, sniff)

No? Come closer....little closer...okay, that's close enough.

Can't figure out the odd odor that is making you want to run for the smelling salts?

I'll clue you in:

It's a mix of Bath and Body Cotton Blossom and baby puke.

Oh yes, we got hit with the stomach bug, the first time in my 13 month span of motherhood and I must admit that I'm not so thrilled with this. We were at a Birthday Party on Saturday and apparently one of the monsters was still recovering. At least I'm not alone. I take great pleasure in knowing our *friend picked up the same virus at the party and oddly enough we discovered our puke covered wee ones around the same time yesterday: After afternoon naps. And even better we both were on the phone with one of our parental figures at the time.

It's a strange thing to walk into your child's room, half paying attention, because as mentioned above, you're on the phone and slowly it registers that you child is covered in something, you're not quite sure what it is but you are now noticing the aroma filling your nasal cavities.

And so went the rest of my evening finally ending at 3 a.m. which was the last time I was puked on. Since Camille woke up this morning she has kept everything in but is conked out in her crib since she didn't sleep a wink last night, nor did I but I'm afraid to nap because law states the moment I fall asleep she'll wake up.

Ain't Motherhood grand?

*I do still have friends and it should be dully noted that in order to keep these new friends they won't be reading this site...ever. Lesson learned, lesson learned.

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