Monday, February 12, 2007


Oh my, it's really been a loooooong 6 days here. Camille stopped vomiting on Tuesday but ran a temp for the next 2 days and was quite pitiful. By Friday I had had enough with being locked inside so we ventured out to Target where my worn out body decided to spike a temp and right there in the middle of the store the body aches set it. I bought some over the counter stuff, took it in the car and decided to drive around until I felt it kick it. I figured at least if I was driving I could sit and "relax" rather than being at home and chasing a whiney still sick one year old. I am finally better, sort of. At least better enough to attempt escaping again. Soon we'll venture out for a playdate where my daughter, for at least a blissful moment, will be entertained by someone other than me.

Happy Monday.

Hopefully I'll have something more intelligent to say later on in the week.

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