Saturday, January 27, 2007


I need more time.

I really thought I'd be ready to pick things up where I left off by Friday but I'm just not ready but I'm getting there, I promise....I'm so close.

I'm so close to just not caring, not allowing this to get to me, so close to removing the knives from my back and continuing on.

Until then, let's talk. I expect opinions here people, I want your thoughts and no lurking allowed.

So, how many of you read Suburban Bliss? You know I don't link to the popular kids, but I do love Melissa, she's a great writer and is so real to the challenges of stay at home motherhood.

She was also on the Today Show and you need to go watch it and then chime in.

I'll go first:

I think Meredith made chop liver out Melissa. I personally love Cocktail hour before 5 p.m. There is nothing like a nice glass of wine especially when your spouse will be late. I wouldn't drink if I was watching your kids though. I can watch my child and drink because I know my child and I know what her needs are.

Now go, discuss amongst yourself.

I almost have all the knives removed, I'll be back soon.

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