Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good Measure

I didn't realize how much moving can spin your delicately scheduled life into a frenzy especially when this move occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When D and I moved from the one bedroom apartment to the two bedroom, I don't remember it being this chaotic and busy. Granted I was only pregnant with Camille at the time so she was nice and contained and we were only moving into 900 square feet and not 1700 square feet. These things make a difference you know.

I have spent this week playing catch up with the Christmas spirit and have been frantically throwing in some cheer for good measure. We put up a tree last weekend and this weekend we are going "Christmas Shopping", a term I use loosely. This year's gift giving will differ greatly from the years past. Typically we give generously to each and every family member and to each other but this year things are different. This year, instead of buying Bath and Body gifts, we bought faucets and dishwashers. Instead of diamonds and video games, we have molding and toilets. Ahhh, yes, the gifts of the first time homeowner. Even the Christmas cards reflect the spirit of home owner poverty by reprinting the profession picture because really, who has an extra $10 a sheet for wallets that I can do for free. And come time for the first mortgage payment, there will be a lot of hot dogs and crackers in our future.

But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my house. I love not living in a 2 bedroom apartment anymore with elephants stomping above us. I love that it is finally my turn to act like a grown up and not have people living on all sides of me. I wake up each morning and sit on my love seat next to the big window that looks out to the front yard. Sure, the window is as old as the house, but it's peaceful and it's mine. I look around at the open space, at the hardwood floors and the foyer and I get goosebumps. There really isn't anything else D could get me for Christmas this year, I have everything I want: A healthy marriage, an amazing daughter, a beautiful house, a strong knit family and friends who still love me.

Who could ask for more?

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