Friday, November 10, 2006


You remember when we started this whole NaBloPoMo thingy and I said how I wanted to write regardless of the stats and comments? My point was to get across how I wanted to write for me apart from what other people would think.

Here's a new flash:

That was a bunch of bull sh*t.

Yep, it was. As I was driving to the park the other day I was thinking about it and when it all boils down, I don't think anyone really writes just for them. If was to write just for me, you guys really wouldn't be reading because it would go something like this:

Dear Journal,

Today D came home because he was really sick. He came home at 8:10 while I was sitting on the coach waking up. When I heard the key in the door I thought someone was coming in to kidnap me. No one was, it was just D. We spent the rest of the day with him coughing and hacking up his lung and with me worn out on the couch because I too have been sick but my boss won't send me home early.


See what I'm saying? Now, some of you might say that sounds very interesting, but how interesting would that be to read each and every day? When I write, I do pick and choose parts of me that don't include explaining my new routine for disposing of Camille's poopy diapers. I choose parts of me that don't include my excitement upon realizing that the Magic Eraser does in fact clean the dirt off of Robeez. But we do that in friendships, don't we? Do we really call our girlfriends and when they ask how we are do we go through our daily routine or do we recap the highlights of our days?

While perusing through the link list over at NaBloMoPo I stumbled across a site where the author really truly does write for herself. Her site is anonymous and no one really knows she's there. Well, except for now because I'm unveiling her for the small fraction of the blog world to see.

She is honest.

She is down to earth.

She is sharing parts of her life that many of us are to afraid to put out there. Some of you might judge her and be in disbelief. Some of you, like me, will respect her for finding the strength to share this part of her life with the world. Parts of her life that she might not be so proud of, and parts of her life that brought her strength. She's an amazing woman and if you start reading now, you can catch up with her beginnings.

Please read her writings objectively with an open mind.

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