Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cliff Hanger

Remember how I sorta mentioned something about buying a house and then I never said anything else about it. Hmmm, remember that? And a sweet reader said she was looking forward to hearing about this house yet I still never mentioned anything about it but instead I made sure to post two very depressing stories? And why is it that you continue to come back reading cliffhanger after cliffhanger? Your love for me? Is it really that strong?

I joke. Ha, ha joke. You're laughing right?

Well, this little purchase we made, I've been a wee bit nervous that something will happen so I just haven't said anything about it in fear I would jinx it more. We already are sorting through the drama of our Rental office and, geez, poor people, they just don't realize who they are up against.

As I mentioned way back when, this house it needs, well, it needs owners who aren't high when their potential buyers are coming to look at the home. And I could only assume that one could blame their altered state of mind that convinced them that, yes indeed, a towel would suffice as a door knob.

These people, well, they're cheap.

(How cheap are they?)

They are so cheap they are willing to leave the family cat so they don't have to ship it down to Florida.

But we're inching closer and closer to a closing date and that is making me all giddy. We're so close I can taste it and that scares me because there is a little voice telling me that something must go wrong, this is to good to be true. But before I know it, my days will be consumed with mopping, and painting and replacing light switch plates.

Oh, and yes there will be a lot weeds for us to clean up.

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