Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trend Setter

For months now I have worked on encouraging Camille to drink from a cup. Thanks to a good friend, we have tried several different types of cups. We've tried the Gerber sippy, the Playtex sippy, and the Avent sippy. She laughs at all three of them. She thinks they are toys.

I tried the "let her play with it" approach. Yes indeed, she did play with it. She loves playing with it. But no connection formed between playing with it and drinking from it.

Then we tried the "put it on her tray with each meal" approach. That is a novel idea and am sure works great with other babies but my daughter is not just another baby. It has become her habit, the moment she sees it coming to the tray to quickly smack it off, which she does with great pride as if to say "Look Mama, didn't I smack it off the tray fast this time?".

When I do put the cup up to her mouth for her to drink from she laughs at me, she thinks it's a game.

My doctor is not the least bit concerned. She says Camille is to young to be weened from her bottle anyway...a opinion that I wholeheartedly agree with but there is still a small part of me that was a little worried. After her check up last week (or was it the week before?) I really haven't put much energy into the whole thing and have actually washed all the cups and put them away for a little bit.

Well, my girl?

My amazing daughter who watches me drink water constantly out of a water bottle?

She has decided to emulate me.

Why does she need a sippy cup when my water bottle work just fine for her?

So, I guess instead of buying cute sippy cups in every pastel color available, I'll be buying mini water bottles for my trend setter.

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