Monday, November 20, 2006


First of all, I apologize in advanced for this post because it's really lame but I've come this far with the challenge and I'll be damned if I drop the ball now.

So for the lame post:

Today I went to library time with Camille. I am always looking forward to going to these types of things for two reasons. The first being I enjoy watching my daughter absorb new environments. She was enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed the time. The second is that I look forward to meeting and conversing with other Mom's.

However, you run into problems when the other Mom's refuse to speak with you. Come to think of it, although they couldn't keep their eyes off of my daughter as she laughed and danced during the story time, they refused to return her smiles with smiles. That really pissed me off. You might not like me, but you sure as hell can return my adorable daughters smile.

And that concludes my lame post, but hey, even lame posts count as posts people!

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