Saturday, November 18, 2006


Look at that: 3 minutes until midnight and I've made it in by the skin of my chin, for those of you keeping track at home!

And today's post is full of nothing but me gloating about how, in less than a week, I will be meeting the best bloggers out there! My *cousin and I will be sitting over coffee with the amazing Shokufeh and her lovable MrMan.

And if that wasn't enough for an early Christmas surprise?

There are rumors that I might possibly be able to get together with the extremely talented and beautiful Beth along with her adorable and seems so sweet Mia.

Shokufeh, MrMan, Beth and Mia?

I feel like I'm meeting celebrities.

*okay, so she is really my cousin-in-law but: a) I really don't feel like typing that each and every time I refer to her and b) the whole "in-law" thing seems so cold and she feels more like a blood relative than that, okay?

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