Friday, November 03, 2006


Today I get to experience, for the first time, the thrill of being sick and being a stay at home Mom. I've been fortunate enough these past 10 months to have been relatively healthy (we're not going to count the double pneumonia after Camille's birth) but always wondered how I would handle being sick and caring for Camille at the same time. Well, let's just say, it's everything I imagined it to be and then some.

You can only imagine my glee when I came to sit down and force a post out of this congested filled head of mine and realized that I indeed really didn't have to write much of anything today because it's already been written for me!

How, you may ask yourself, am I going to post without writing?

Has she finally snapped and in a move of desperation decided to plagiarize giving way to some big Internet scandal that seems to occur when the popular kids realize that some sad girl on myspace posted their writings?

Tempting, yes, but no, that is not the answer. Instead Becky over at Blah...blah...blahing through this journey has done all the work for me as she has been chosen as our guest at the lunch table today. I like this girl and I think we have a lot in common. She believes in God, just like moi, but isn't afraid to sling a word around here or there. Her site is very well written as she describes life with her husband and two little boys.

As in good Princess and Johnsy edict, go over there and show her some love as I go blow my nose for the 40th time today.

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