Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Crazies

You know how on the weekends all the major networks only run the shows that no one really likes, or they put the news anchors on that graduated lowest in there class?

Well, that's what it feels like to post on the weekend. Whatever you put out there is definitely not the cream of the crop. Of course, it's not unless you read Kristi's site today where she posted a fabulous recipe for Golden Autumn Pumpkin Cake.

How am I supposed to top that?

The joy of having children is that a picture of your child will save you each and every time so you can bet that for the month of November (the month where I have to post everyday, even weekends) you'll be seeing a lot of the baby, something I've stopped doing since all the crazies have started stealing pictures.

I guess November will also be the month for the crazies because they'll have a ton of stuff to steal from this site!

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