Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've got nothin right now as I only have like 5 minutes to post before it is officially tomorrow and before you can officially say I missed one day of posting and darnit I'm so up for this challenge.

What to do, what to do when you need to post something, anything of value?

How about this:

How about I pimp out a site before Friday?

How about I pimp out this site because I begged and pleaded with my sibling to blog blog blooooog so I'm not the only one in the family who has memorized html code. Yes yes, I realize that I have another sibling who blogs but she actually does have a life, unlike yours truly, and rarely has time to post. I'm hoping I can suck my middle sibling into my little habit.

And while I'm pimping her out her blog (which she promises to post on, right?!) let's also give her some linky love to her eBay auctions because, people, we are all in hard times. It's Christmas and we are all poor and we're just trying to not sell body parts to be able to afford gifts for our children. Yes, that's right, bidding on her auctions, you're doing it for the children. My sister makes pretty bows for girls hair and she does a great job, she has made some for Camille, which if you look closely you might just recognize one of her models!

How about this too, if you buy a bow from her? I'll let you post right here on my site for a day.

Ha! That's right!

You can be a Princess for a day so what the heck are you waiting for?

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