Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Sometimes the universe tries to send you messages telling you that today is just not going to be your day. Like when you wake up and realize that your toilet has over flowed.

No, that didn't happen to me but if it did, I would have taken that as a sign, I really needed a bigger sign. The sign the universe sent me? An allergy attack, sneezing 15 times in a row non stop while my cat rubbed up against my face only perpetuating the problem even more. But that wasn't enough of a sign to keep inside today, I needed more to convince me.

And that did come just a little after 1:00 p.m. after I left the post office and drove to the grocery store. I went to get Camille out of her carseat when I realized that I didn't know where I had just, maybe 30 seconds before hand, put the keys. I searched, I put Camille back into her carseat as a frantically ripped apart the diaper bag finally finding them but then I decided to double check and make sure I also had my credit card. Of course I had my credit card, duh, I had just used it 5 minutes ago. But did I? It wasn't in my pocket, my wallet, the diaper bag. As a matter of fact, it's not even in the car. I grab the receipt, surely the USPS is capable of printing their phone number. I call 411 for the phone number only to be told that the post office I was just at didn't exist. I gave them the address which I am now reading off of the phone numberless receipt. Nope, that address doesn't exist. I then find myself calling the main USPS number where I am then listening to a kind recording that refuses to listen to my request:

"Say locate post office"

"Locate post office"

"Alright, I think you have said look for zip code"


"Alright, I'll look up that zip code for you now"

"No, no, NO. Hello? Is there a human anywhere to be found? Heeeeeelllooo"

"Okay, I'll go over the main menu with you again"

Frantically now pressing every number on the phone over and over again. A couple beeps later I actually get a human. And then I finally get the post office that doesn't exist who informs me that my credit card is now no where to be found. I drive to the post office praying that I don't need to now drive to the bank to cancel the card and there laying right at the same parking spot I was at 5 minutes earlier lay the precious card.

Thank goodness as I drive back to the grocery store, find a parking spot, take baby out of car...again and go into the store. Put baby in shopping cart, put diaper back behind wiggling almost toddler only realize that....HA! I've left the grocery list in the car. I think, can I remember everything on the list? How can I improvise? No can do so I take baby out of shopping cart, throw diaper bag on my shoulder and head back to the car all the while thinking how I am SO not exercising today because this counts as exercise.

I could continue the rest of the drama about how my daughter, who absolutely loves the grocery store, of all days today decides to pitch a fit because (gasp) I wouldn't let her eat the grocery list.

Needless to say, I wish my toilet overflowed this morning because I would have taken that as a sign.

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