Monday, November 13, 2006


A couple days ago a posted this story and video. Since then people have been finding my site through Google under search terms (which I won't put here specifically) which has lead me to think that people are starting to wonder if the video was a hoax. I've noticed the hits sporadically appear throughout the week and even began researching it myself but, like others out there, am only lead to my own site for information. I decided to let it go for a moment.

Until this morning.

My sister's daughter is in the same carseat that Kyle was in at the time of the accident so when I saw the video I immediately forwarded it to her, amongst some others I know with small children. Obviously she was startled by this and began her own research, which she shared with me today. She is interested in purchasing the Britax Regent, as mentioned in the video, and began her search only to be lead nowhere except to suspicion. Apparently all the stores in her area who carried the carseat are sold out of it because of a email that is circulating. We all know what email that is, the same one that I was sent.

Now, one could assume one of two things. Maybe this was a advertisement scam by Britax to sell more carseats because the Regent just wasn't selling as they see fit. Or maybe this video was a hoax and some cruel ploy to pull at all our heartstrings.

To put my suspicions to rest, I contacted Britax and asked them directly what the heck was going here. Turns out, they are aware of the video because they are getting calls for from their merchants needing more and calls from consumers wanting to know where to purchase it. They claim that they were not aware of the video until last week and this was not of their doing. I was transferred to the Advertisement people, but only got a voice mail.

Here's my two cents: I have a hard time believing that this was a hoax and until I'm proven wrong I'm just going to keeping going with the notion that technology today is so advanced that even a grieving Mother can get her message across to thousands by a simple video. YouTube is becoming so popular it was just voted the best invention of 2006 above a car that would decrease our dependency on oil. It was just bought out by Google for goodness sakes. And that Wierd Al Yankovich video that's out now? Heck, I see that before it hit VH1 or MTV on YouTube, the power of internet folks.

I have emailed Kyle's Mother and made her aware of the hoax theory. She might not answer me back, who would if they found out that the grief that they were experiencing was being questioned. But I do know this, regardless of any hoax, the message that I have known for a while has been made clear: Parents need to wise up when it comes to the safety of their children. Just because your little one doesn't like their five point harness is no reason to move them out of something that could save their lives (so not saying that is why Kyle was moved out of his, but that is the reason I am hearing from other Mom's around me). A friend of mine just took her 2 and 4 year old children out of 5 point carseats solely because of convenience but now is questioning her decision, thank goodness!

If I hear anything else from Britax or others, I'll let you know. Until then, all of you who have found this site via Google, first of all Hi, nice to see you and secondly, I don't know nottin'.

This is the end of the Public Service Announcement, please proceed with the rest of your day.

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