Friday, November 17, 2006

Sick Day

I have been sick all day. It seems as if Mom's just don't get a sick day, no matter how hard we try for one. Nor can I take a sick day from posting. NO I won't, I'll be damned if I drop the ball on this NaBloPoMo thing. It's the OCD, I blame it for the fact that when I commit to do something, I'll see it all the way through even on my sick bed.

So here I am, germs and all.

Now, normally when I choose a site for the week, I'll email or leave a comment alerting them that their site will be highlighted here. But, I decided to try something new. I've decided, since the site I chose reads here on occasion, to not tell her and let it be a nice little surprise. And seeing how bad of a day she's had, Damselfly could use a little sunShine (get it? get it?). You know how you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover? Well, in this situation I think you can. I just love the look of her site and it just convinced me that this woman can write if she can have such a great template!

Damselfly is a first time mom to Flybaby and is chronicling her new life on a site that's title is the second thing that convinced me to read her site: Growing a Life. I swear, she should have been in advertising.

So, go over and enjoy this refreshing site while me and my failed sick day self are going to go and cough up what is left of my lungs.

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