Saturday, October 07, 2006


Weekend riddle.

And since absolutely no one actually is on the Internet except for me on the weekend because clearly, I have no life, this is a good time to admit how much of an ass I can be.

Got in a sniff with a person.

Told anonymous person from the same establishment where met person with sniff about the sniff.

Turns out the anonymous person has become "friends" with person I had a sniff with but I sorta made peace with and now that person wants all three of us to get together and have coffee.


I fear anonymous person will ask about the sniff in front of the person I had a sniff with not knowing that she was the person.

See my dilemma?

Tune in next week for our second episode of how my big mouth gets me into trouble and makes people stick needles in a voodoo doll designed just for me.

Oh, more thing? In that last post? Where I mentioned how I know when people read? Remember that? Well, apparently some people took that as a direct slap and really, really it was not meant to be anything except a public service announcement for anyone who doesn't like me, that's all (and yes I do realize that that list is growing by leaps and bounds right now).

It didn't mean you should stop reading though. Oh dear God please, we don't need anymore drama around these parts. I mean really, have you guys checked your stats recently? Do you see how much I hit your sites out of complete mundane evening boredom? Or if you don't actually have a site and now you are all paranoid because you think I'm going to think you're stalking me? I won't. Really. I just really look for strange IP address and when I see your IP address I just think, well, not much of anything.

Okay, now you can proceed with your weekends.

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