Friday, October 13, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

This week has been wonderful, so wonderful that I'm a little sad to see it end. It has been a breathe of fresh air as I've eased through it, the only worry on my mind to get Camille home in time for her nap. No stress, no speed bumps, nothing in my way.

One thing I forgot to mention to all of you though? When things aren't carefree but stressful, I loose my appetite. That's why I've been skipping lunch with you. But trust me, it wasn't you, it was definitely me. During my lunch strike, I did spend a lot of time finding our next site, I promise, I tried. It was like a maze at times. I would start off at one site, click through there link list and then on through the links from the original link list forgetting where I started from. Actually, it was the corn maze of the Internet world!

One evening I stumbled upon a site which I had never heard of before. As I always do when looking for new sites, I check their comments, it tells you a lot about a site. I was hoping for a diamond in the rough, one I could use for here. I've set this limit in my head. If there are more than X number of hits on a site, to me they're already a "known" site and can't possibly be a candidate for here. I'm all about helping out the little guy. This site was definitely not a little guy but I continued reading, and reading, and reading. I added her to my favorites and went on with my perusing. I have been reading this site everyday and just find her writing refreshing, witty and oh so funny. It was exactly what I needed. But I've been enjoying her site so much, I felt a little guilty. Here I am with this new read and because of a number in my head, I am refusing to share it with all of you.

Now what kind of Internet friend am I? Well, I'll tell you: I'm an Internet friend with a horrible case of OCD because I can't possibly highlight a site that has exceeded my number because, we all know it's about the numbers folks!

However, lucky for you, I'm working on this little issue. I'm a numbers kind of OCD girl. The microwave for instance, I can't stop it on any other group of numbers than 5's or 10's. You won't find me stopping it at 58 seconds, I must wait those extra 3 seconds. When putting silverware in the dishwasher we all know that there must be an equal amount in the basket or the entire universal will be thrown off somehow. And don't even get me started on eating M&M's.

But as I said, I'm working on this. Really. Okay?

One of the ways I'm working on it is by breaking my own numbers rule and sharing with you my little guilty pleasure. And how ironic is it, that on this Lunch on Friday I'm allowing you to enjoy Taste the World! Yeah, really, that's the name of her site! Get it? Lunch? Taste? No? Just me who finds that amusing?

I think you'll love Chase. She's an excellent writer and has received some type of blogging award that I had no clue even existed, but apparently they do. She reeled me with this post and I've been a sucker ever since. Her site is fresh and witty, we all know how much I love witty! Be sure to check her right column on the site to read her "What I learned today...", very funny.

It's good to be back at the lunch table with you guys. It's been too long.

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