Friday, September 01, 2006


First off, I'm not going to be proof reading this because time is ticking and Camille is still sleeping and she really needs to be awake right now but you people come first sometimes. Love? Yes, that is love you feel!

Now, I realize that it is 4:45 p.m. and way past lunch time. I also realize that I'm getting S.O.S.'s from many people just wanting for me to post something to let you know I'm okay. And of course I'm the jerk that has been home since Noon'ish and has just ignored you.

See, for most people this is a fun filled 3 day weekend. Wahooo! Let's go on vacation and relax and celebrate the last weekend of Summer. But if you're me (and thank the Lord God Almighty you're not, trust me) you are kinda, no really annoyed because, great, a freakin 3 day weekend which means all business will be closed until Tuesday which means? Um, hello? No one calls over the weekend to offer you a job or heck, maybe even a freakin interview! So, 3 long ass days of waiting. The story of my life as the clock ticks closer and closer to the point of which I will hit the panic button. I'm already hating this weekend.

You must also know that I have the attention span of a curious 8 month old right now and just can't seem to sit long enough to read even numbers on the microwave. I'm sure many of you see that I'm visiting your sites but, um, no comments? Yeah, rude I tell you. But constructing any type of logical thought is just difficult.

And who really cares though! Does any of the new sites give a rats ass that I'm highlighting them? I think not. Honestly I feel like I'm just wasting my time here, or maybe I'm just so agitated at life in general that I'm over reacting. But either way, once again, a big time blogger that shall remain nameless is doing the same thing I'm trying to do here.

How about this. Since I have no attention span today, how about I leave you with two sites that seem interesting but that I just can't focus enough on to read and you tell me which one you like the best! Okay? Sounds good? Oh, and while you're at it? Can you tell me if I should keep this Lunch on Friday thing and stop with the negativity here or if I should just end here because it is really lame and you guys are finding it boring. Mmmkay?

Two sites you read and critique are:

For the short amount of time that I was able to stay focused, I think I really like this site...a lot. I found this post of hers very well written and couldn't agree anymore with her. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she has an adorable baby!

Now, this site seemed interesting for the quick moment I read over it. And she has a son named Owen and I really like that name. Anyone who would name their son Owen has to write a great site.

It's freedom of choice today people without the nasty politics, so choose or loose.

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