Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little Louder, little worse

Why the lack of post you ask?

See, I just don't know exactly how else to talk about stress. Well, no, I do. I really could write a lot on the subject matter and post but then you would find yourself strangley thinking "Same song different verse, little louder little worse" while you quickly delete me off your link list because seriously, you're just sick of reading the same ole' thing everyday.

Hence why I don't post because I would prefer to loose readers due to lack of post rather than droning posts.

But then, I look at my statcounter for the day and am fully prepared to see that no one is even checking this site anymore because, ha, if I was you after Friday's oh so happy post, I too would stop reading. But guess what though? You all are still there patiently waiting for a sign while leaving comments that just warm my heart.

You dear internet are amazing and I love you.

I really wanted to post a video of Camille saying duck but then I got all freaked by **this situation and decided against it. However, I have come up with a alternative, don't worry. If you want to see the video, leave a little comment here for me and if I know for certain that you won't be going over to some MySpace account and plastering it all over while claiming her cuteness as your own, I'll send you the link, sounds good? Now, I promise, this will end soon and I will be able to go back to writing about whatever the heck it was I wrote about before D lost his job, like it was even exciting then!

**Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm going against my own code and linking to one of the popular girls and we all know how I feel about bandwagon blogging. I like Amy and have nothing against her. Actually, she's been a big encouragement twice now during this whole pregnancy/motherhood journey through a couple emails so I won't speak bad of her. But, I just don't think I need to add to my link list sites that get over 200+ comments a day. Instead I prefer to link to folks whose sites don't get that much but also deserve that kind of readership

***Okay, yes, I do have S.J. linked there and really she is one of the popular kids but she too has been a great support and I love her. Plus she's called me drunk before and sooo is the reason I absolutely love Napoleon Dynamite to this day, so, yeah.

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