Monday, August 21, 2006

Little Ditty

I want to start a little ditty here in the internet world and with the exception of certain people who will be having a c-section tomorrow morning (Oh my gosh Kristi, I'm SO excited for you) I am crossing my fingers and hoping everyone will participate. I hope that I can even guilt you into participating. My husband is in between jobs, I have a sinus infection and I'm getting depressed here people and you alone can help brighten my day (has it worked so far?).

Here's the thing: I read a lot of sites. I love reading and being a mere spectators in the lives of some of these incredible people. But have you ever found yourself reading a site and asking what the heck does their darn title mean? No? Just me?

Well, I do. And I know some of you do because I receive emails at least once a month with people asking me what mine means.

Okay, the little ditty here? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

My blogger address, Princess and Johnsy, are nicknames we (D and I) use for each other. Well, it's sorta a lie because D refers to Camille as Princess now but that's okay, every girl should referred to that by her Dada. But Johnsy is really our nickname for each other. It's sorta strange, yes, but that's us. And you pronounce is by replacing the "J" with a "H" and there you've got it.

Now my website title, I just recently changed and I think it is perfect for me. My inner monologue tends to, ummm, break from time to time and I hear things coming out of my mouth that really should have just stayed in my head. Well, if I write I'll release some of the pressure and then it won't get so cramped in there and all those things I think won't come out in words!!

Now isn't this fun?

So you see that little list on linky love on the left? I read each of you every single stinkin' day and every single stinkin' day (with the exception of those of you I know in real life) I always wonder what your title means. Spill the beans, please, please, please? You could just leave it in the comment section or you could really make my day and do a little post about it on your site and save yourself from having to come up with a post tomorrow. See? Really? I'm helping you.

Participate, darnit.

Oh, if you're lurking here, and have a site and do participate, leave a comment and let me know!!

All others, I'm watching you!

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Johnny Aloha said...

How do you prounounce 'Johnsy'
Aloha, Johnny

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