Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lunch on Fridays

When I was in high school there was this girl. She wasn't very popular but she was extremely nice. Every Friday the Seniors were allowed to eat lunch off campus. And every Friday all the popular kids would go to Pizza Hut. Everyone but this extremely nice girl. She wasn't invited. She wasn't mocked, she wasn't teased, she was just ignored which to me is worse. At least acknowledge her existence, acknowledge that she is there. I only went out once with the popular kids, they did invite me, surprisingly since I didn't like the popular kids and they knew it. However, I didn't like the thought of this extremely nice girl staying behind with her lunch that she brought from home. Well, this extremely nice girl and I became extremely nice friends and we would go off every Friday to lunch by ourselves. I adored our time together. We always had a ton to talk about and always found ourselves laughing so hard through our lunch that we would leave with sore stomachs. This extremely nice girl was extremely hysterical. The popular kids just never understood why I wouldn't want to be with them. They didn't understand why I didn't want to sit around and talk about how cute David Tate was and how Aimee Garland just kissed him that weekend. Well, in my opinion David Tate was not that cute and honestly his cocky attitude made him extremely unattractive to me. And as an added bonus to me sitting around wooing and dreaming about kissing this boy was just a disgrace to the female gender. I had more important things to talk about with the extremely nice girl.

I've always rejected the notion of the popular crowd and found more substance in the unknown from my taste in music to my obsession with blogs. There is certain site that is one of the popular kids. Everybody goes their on Friday for lunch. On one particular post, the sites author asked for readers to tell her who they are reading and she would highlight the most popular responses on this site. Not like it was any surprise? Let's just say that everyone was just swooning over David Tate. Each comment, each reader would go all goo-goo ga-ga for the popular kids, as if they didn't really have a thought of their own and had to call all the popular kids. Everyone went with the same flow, the same sites, the well knowns. No one had a thought of their own, except me of course, but do you really think that the site that I offered up will be highlighted? Of course not because my site isn't on the list of popular kids and I'm not trying to act cool. It's almost as if you asked me for a recommendation of a good, not so well known restaurant to eat at and I told you all about this great little Italian place called the Olive Garden. Or how there's this great fast food place called McDonalds that serves the best fries.

So my friends, if you want a job done right do it yourself. Here in Princess and Johnsy land I'm going to highlight my own sites, the unknowns who are writing such great sites that I think you need to read them to. Sometimes when you're doing this,these online journals, you wonder if anyone is reading, if anyone cares or gets you. When you only get a few readers each week, you start to question if it's even worth taking them time. And as a reader, sometimes you just want to read a little unknown site, a diamond in the rough that no one has discovered yet. Therefore, each and every week, I am hosting what I will title Finally Friday. I chose this day because many sites close down for the weekend giving you plenty of time to catch up with the highlighted sites and to read through archives so you're all ready for Monday when your regularly scheduled blogs reopen.

I was really excited when the site mentioned above was going to do this. I thought I'd find new exciting territory and instead I got Las Vegas. I would love for you guys to help me and nominate some sites that you read, the unknowns. You don't have to if you don't want to. I'll set myself up for no one participating and just nominate my own sites, but it would be more fun and productive if you guys would pitch in here. And of the numerous hits I get per day, I know you're out there, lurking, so delurk and give me some suggestions. Leave me a comment or send me an email, I don't care, just participate darnit! And the best part? Nominate yourself! Don't be shy, tell me to highlight your site, I don't care. I just want to do this in a way to say "Bleh" to everyone else who couldn't find a unique thought of their own.

Now, don't let the extremely nice sites out there eat by themselves each Friday while you hang out with the popular kids at Pizza Hut.

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