Monday, July 24, 2006

Meme Moi

Apparently I owe a few folks out there a meme. As much as I adore being tagged (hint, hint) I must agree with my cousin though that these last couple of meme's were made by teens and twenty somethings who still are living that childfree single life. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, trust me, I lived up those days once but now that I'm not there anymore it is a little difficult to answer questions like "Imagine your first is a girl". Steph had also said how she should write her own meme and really I thought that was a great idea so I ventured to do exactly that but then realized how absolutely non creative I truly am and quit. Yes, I'm a quitter. But I am not so prideful that plagiarism is beneath me. Nor is tagging myself. Ha! That's right folks, I'm tagging my own damn self. All the cool kids are doing this one meme, and since they didn't invite me I'm inviting myself to play!

So here we go, let's play like the cool kids:

Apparently in cool kid land you are supposed to name things you have been obsessed with throughout your life, who knew!


Grover ~ I loved my Grovers and even had 3 stuffed Grovers that I slept with each night. I still have them but will never let Camille come within a mile of them, I'm still kinda protective of them.

Childhood (5-9):

Stickers ~ I had a kick ass sticker collection even though my sisters said theirs were better than mine, we all knew they were just very jealous

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls ~ Who could go wrong with dolls who smelt like candy?

Pre-teen (9-12):

Presidential election ~ now do you see why I had no friends?

Little house on the Prairie Books ~ see above

Scrunchies ~ my sister had every color of the rainbow and I had maybe 2 so I would steal hers, she deserved it.

Early Teens (13-16):

Money ~ I learned at a very early age how to make it, how to save it and how to make it go as long as possible. I loved babysitting, I hated other people's kids but the money was my crack

Late Teens (16-20):

Fashion ~ I've been known to hold down 3 jobs, one which was at Express and I became obsessed for years with clothes. Each new season they would give us a incredible discount on top of a incredible sale.

Money ~ It stilled dominated those years. The hell with high school idiots, I would work all weekend and watch my bank account grow.

D ~ yep! Met him when I was 17 and fell instantly in love. We spent a ton of time together. During college, each break we were inseparable.

Early 20's to present day

My home ~ when I was little I will never forget this line from the Jetsons. Rosey the maid had gotten a new chip put in her and she went on a cleaning frenzy and would repeat over and over "A place for everything and everything in it's place" well, that has become my motto, drives D nuts.

Everything ~ how creative is that? Seriously though I have touches of OCD, diagnosed, yep, that'sa me. I'm totally obsessed about everything from the number M&M's or other small candies I'll eat at one time (answer: even numbers, can't eat 3, must eat 2) to the way I rotate the dishes as I put them away making sure that I don't constantly use the same dish so when I unload the dishwasher I put the clean dish on the bottom, it's real pain. Unfortunately I could go on.

Tag is the part where you, my wonderful reader is enjoying this little meme and then you get to the end of the list and realized that you have been tagged. Some of you will swear at me because you absolutely hate these and some of you will celebrate because you really need a quick and easy post. Now, I know some of you just got tagged so I won't retag you, don't worry. Instead I tag you're it 4 other amazing ladies: Rich Girl Poor Girl, please don't feel obligated as you are debachlorizing an entire house, planning a wedding, working and school, but I thought it would give you a post!! Preemiehood, I know you're updating about the pregnancy which we all are on pins and needles hearing more good news, so here is a little ditty for the in between to keep us happy. Angelsfight, my darling one who is away for the next couple of days, welcome back, now get to it! And lastly, I usher in a new member of Princess and Johnsy land, Hoosiergirl5, since I just started to read your blog I kinda want to get to know you better. And actually, I have also started to be lurkish (though I have commented once) over here but I don't think she knows I'm reading but she will now.

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