Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little Ditty

Want to know how I started out this spectacular weekend?

With the news that my Granny had stroke. Yippeee!

How do I respond to the news that my Granny, the Pillar of my family had a stroke?

After I'm done sobbing uncontrollably in my room, proceed to convince myself and everyone around me that it had to be a Heat Stroke because I'm really not ready to accept the fact that my 89 year old Grandmother just might die one day.

She is invincible.

She will live forever and that's final.

Now, the icing on my crappy weekend to top off my horribly crappy, depressing week?

Camille cut her first tooth this morning. At 3:30 a.m. to be exact. And I know that because she woke up screaming hysterically. I can no longer live in the fantasy world that my baby will always stay a baby.

Have a great weekend people.

I'm depressed.

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