Saturday, June 17, 2006

Passing On

Early this morning, I'm not quit sure of the exact time, My Aunt Suzy died after a fierce battle with lung cancer.

When my parents were married, we spent a lot of time with my Uncle George and Aunt Suzy. But once they divorced, and money was not flowing as it did before, vacations to Florida to visit ended. It wasn't until a few years back that we became close with them again. God has a way of restoring relationships for a purpose. I don't believe that anything in our life happens on a whim, that some things are just ordained. I would like to think it was my new cousin that was the catalyst that helped bring us closer, her courage to marry into such a circus. Whatever the route, however way, we are closer and I am grateful for that as I know my Aunt was too.

I loved my Aunt Suzy. I had these great memories of her. She was the Aunt who, because she had 2 boys, would buy my sisters and I Polly Flinders dresses. I remember, almost like it was yesterday, opening up the package that held my new dress. Strange Memory? Yes, but still a good memory to keep.

You'll be missed Aunt Suzy and always loved.

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