Friday, June 30, 2006

Mad Love

I have certain friends who only call me during certain times of the day. No, I don't assign when they can call me, it just so happens their schedules only permit down time during specific hours.

So when my phone rang yesterday morning, and my faithful caller id announced who it was, I picked up immediately and greeted the caller with my normal response when she calls in the morning (she's a after 5 p.m. caller typically):

"Hi. What's wrong"

To which she responded:

"Are you sitting down"

Now, let me pause for a moment and explain to you our calling history. Last time I received a morning call from her, it was to inform me she went into labor at 29 weeks. The second morning call was to inform me that her father most likely had a heart attack. And my morning call to her? That was to cry hysterically because I was at Fairfax Hospital miscarrying. So, we have a history here, you know? It's just never good when her number shows up on my caller id before 5 p.m. Although, come to think of it, she did throw me a fast ball recently calling me after 5 p.m., the safe nothing is wrong calling time, to inform me that her friends son was dying. But, that only happened once, on with the story.

Apparently, after being pulled into the blog world by yours truly, her employers discovered her little diamond in the rough and felt she was no longer a good representation of their highly anal company.

She got the ax.

My dear, wonderful, precious friend was ever so kindly, ever so gently asked to resign. Now, what you also must realize about this friend? She doesn't get fired, she always did the firing back in the day. She's just that good that no one in their right minds would fire her.

So, let's all give her some Princess and Johnsy mad love and encouragement. Really in the long run it's the best thing. If you've been keeping up with her site you'd know that she posed a question to all adoring fans on whether or not to quit her job and return to school. The decision is a little easier now, but the road to get there just wasn't as kind as she expected.

Now, go on, leave her a comment. She reads the site and you'd bring smiles to her sweet lil face.

I'm waiting.

No more updates or cute pictures of Camille until you do.

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