Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Because

Because it's Monday, and my daughter is actually taking a nap which she fought all weekend. Every single nap. But come Monday? She's cool with naps again, go figure.

Because it's Monday and the sun is actually shining, something that is very rare these days.

Because it's Monday and the stars aligned so perfectly that my daughter is sleeping and the sun is shining which means we can actually go outside, I have no time to post. I only have time to very very quickly shower so that the babe and I can run outside before the weather gods realize I'm enjoying the sun and punish me with more rain.

Instead, enjoy this little ditty that Heather has bestowed upon me, gifting me with the letter "C".

Camille: Most beautiful child ever born, she takes after her Mama.

Cats: Like them much more than humans half of the time.

Coffee: Morning

Chocolate Martini: Night

Cheap: Ha! to those that pay full price!

Colt: First car, in case of accident would most likely spit nails at me

Civic: First car that wouldn't spit nails at me

Cape Coral: My sanity from the Frozen Tundra

Critical: I am my worst enemy

Cancer: both parents have/had it

Now, because the sun is shining, I find it appropriate to pass the torch to Sunshine, and because I'm so kind, you can pick your own letter!

I shall return.

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