Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Her own drummer

All the cool kids these days have one of these.

All the cool bloggers out there, they take cool pictures of their babies sitting up, smiling with glee at the brilliance of their cool seat.

I could not deprive my daughter of this experience. I might not have been or ever will be Ms. Popular but I had to give my girl a fighting chance. Unfortunately I didn't have an extra $40 laying around. but I did have a few diapers that I didn't need and did have a neighbor who desperately needed them. In return for my kindness (might not be popular but do have a knack of being kind, don't laugh. It's true. I am nice.) she gave me her Bumbo. It was gift and by the grace of God she's done having kids.

I was looking forward to taking pictures like the cool kids do. Her daughter? She is the baby that I described upon. She sits, she smiles, we are all happy.

My Mom constantly says that I have always marched to the tune of my own drummer. I have always got to do things my way. Let's say this is true, why should I be shocked that my daughter insist on not sitting up in her Bumbo. Why should I be shocked that my daughter prefers to suck on the Bumbo. I put her under the Gymini to give a chance to play with the attractive dangling toys, and you know what she goes for? Keep in mind that typically she lays, not sits, under her Gymini for hours of rolling and scratching and spitting and here she has an opportunity to see her toys close up.

Instead of sitting up, my girl prefers the view of her playmat from up above. It's quite unconventional. It's not what all the cool kids are doing.

But this Mama couldn't be prouder.

Keep marching to the beat of your own drummer my sweet heart. It will only lead you to amazing places if you allow it.

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