Thursday, May 18, 2006

Growing Pains

You might want to go elsewhere this evening because I'm about to have a nice big ole' pity party for myself here. I would suggest pursuing through those pretty links to the left (not to mention the flickr album for your viewing pleasure my dedicated readers). But, if you choose to stay, come have a seat, pour yourself a glass of wine (I'm on my 2nd so why not!), as it is now my new evening ritual since my milk dried up! No more healthy eating for me! Ha!

Do you want to know what I bought last night? Really want to know? I had to buy one of these. Now, ask me why I had to buy one of those?

The answer?

I had to buy one of those because my daughter is outgrowing this. At almost 5 months old she is ready to move up to a big carseat, something I am NOT ready for. Everyone who has a child knows what a sad day this is for us Mom's. It means not only that your baby is growing, but the little bit of convenience that you had left is now gone. No more grabbing the baby and running into the grocery store. Nope, now I'm going to have to actually take the baby out of the carseat and because she's not big enough to sit in the cart, I will then have to maneuver her into the Bjorn. I love the Bjorn. It's my life savor on trips where the babe is just over the stroller thing. I have a feeling the love will fade real fast after the umteenth grocery run. And let us not forget about how great it is when she falls asleep in the car and then I can just carry inside and there she stays until she wakes up. Which of course for my girl means she'll wake up in five minutes but it's better than the five seconds she'll sleep in the new car seat when I try to bring her inside. And let's not begin to discuss how devastated I am about saying goodbye to that also which means I will now have to purchase this.

If all the changes above wasn't enough for me, this week Camille has made it even more clear how quickly she's growing. On Monday she finally perfected the art of rolling from her back to her tummy. She is eating 1/4 cup of oatmeal every evening. In her highchair*. Like a child, not a newborn. Gone are the days of little 4 oz. bottles. We are now onto four 8 oz. bottles each day. She's growing people. She's keeping up but I can't. These growing pains are just painful.

*Same highchair that was on Will & Grace's series finale tonight thank you very much! Now aren't we just hip.

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