Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not wanted

D and I have really been trying to get to church for the past few weeks now. We've been quite neglectful to our religious duties and haven't been since Thanksgiving. Now, before you go throwing the holy water on me let me state my excuses. First of all, because I'm "Mrs. Last Minute" and didn't sign up for the Lamaze when I should have, we didn't have much to choose from. I didn't even look into the classes until my 34th week of pregnancy, I know, very bad. We ended up choosing the Sunday morning class so that wiped out church for December but the alternative was a 7 p.m. weekday class and after working all day I was barely able to stay awake for my 30 second commute home.

Then Camille was born and I was sick you know, so that wasn't happening for a while. Once I did finally get better and could physically get to church, there was no way I was able to get my act together to even get out the door. You try sleeping periodically through the night then get up to feed baby, dress baby and then pump? If church began at 3 p.m. we would have been set. Well, the past couple of weeks things have begun to settle and Camille has become more predictable allowing us to plan getting out of the house. With her sleeping through the night now, we are also more rested and not desperate for sleep. We were ready to go back to church.

Well, we might have been ready, but despite our best attempts, fate has had something else in store for us.

Sunday #1: Camille began coughing, a lot. She had been a little congested earlier that week but had cleared up completely. Until late Saturday evening. Out of the blue it came back.

Sunday #2: We had a good friend over who seemed a tad bit lonely at the time. Despite D's best efforts he stayed until 2:30 a.m. the next morning.

Sunday #3: Woke up all ready to begin our rush. Went to warm up the bottle only to find there was no hot water and now that I thought of it, it seemed a wee bit chilly in the apartment. Umm..yeah, the hot water heater called it quits.

Sunday #4: WE WILL GO TO CHURCH NO MATTER WHAT....except for sewage water linking from our sealing. Yes, yes, yes, freakin SEWAGE WATER WAS LINKING FROM OUR CEILING!! Apparently the apartment above us, their toilet was clogged really really bad which they didn't know considering they had just moved in that day. Welcome to the neighborhood, now would you mind removing your sewage water from my ceiling?

I give up. When God has sewage dripping from your freakin ceiling I think it's a sign you're not wanted in church.

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