Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movin on up!

I haven't been to the mall in four months, shocking isn't it? I despise the malls here so much that I instead just eBay. Or, I get my shopping fix during my many travels. My favorite place for shopping fulfillment? D.C. baby, the one and only place in my heart. The malls, oh dear Lord the malls there are so pretty, the clothes there are so pretty. Here, in Antarctica, the malls are ugly and they're full of ugly clothes from stores like Penny's and Sears....yuck, ew, bleh.

Tonight I could no longer put off the inevitable and had to venture out to said ugly mall. I scrapped the edge of my Clinique base clean this morning leaving not even a trace of makeup so I knew it was finally time to head to Macy's for the Clinique bonus time. So, reluctantly I left, baby free so you would think I'd be giddy. I wasn't until, as I walked out of Macy's I was shocked to discover that the mall was uglier than ever, uglier than how I had remembered it. The floors were torn up and walls had been torn apart. But, the fact that it was uglier than normal just might be a sign that maybe, just possibly they might be fixing it up? As I walked into Gap I eagerly searched for the first sales person I could find and when I found my target I asked the question I had been dying to know. She satisfied my curiosity by assuring me that yes, indeed the ugly mall was getting a face lift. But that wasn't the end of it. My friends, I tear up when I think of the amazing news that followed.

We, here in Woodchuck land, where the malls our full of EMS shopping fanatics, are getting, brace yourselves:


And, if that wasn't enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for this place I at times refer to as the Frozen Tundra, we are also getting a:


Holy smokes, I'm still on cloud nine.

Are you disappointed by this post? Are you sitting there asking yourself why on earth you even bothered? If so, I am truly sorry and that only means that you totally don't understand my deep love and appreciation of fine clothing and snooty malls with their snooty stores. Tsk, tsk on you for not knowing me better.

But, I know for certain, that there is one reader here that is so appreciating my excitement. I would leave the link to her site so you can know who she is, but her new baby boy is just so cute you might hunt them down. Ms. Panama, share the excitement with me here if no one else can!

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