Thursday, March 16, 2006


The fun...oh my gosh I almost forgot to tell you all about the fun, fun part of this whole ordeal. The lovely cause of my 103.5 lingering shake inducing temperature.

But, for you to fully appreciate how fun it was, I must back up to 7:45 p.m. Saturday, walking through Nordstroms at Tyson's Corner Mall. And, may I say, it is a cruel, cruel world when this type of fun puts a damper on my Nordstrom experience, really, you don't mess with Nordstrom's you gods of shopping. Here, in woodchuck land, we have no Nordstroms, instead the natives live in EMS, the land of no Franco Sarto or Baby Lulu for baby girl. So, here we are, standing in awe of the greatness of my store when I feel a sharp shutting pain running through my under arm. It had been since morning since I had pumped so I figured it was just that. Unfortunately pumping 8oz. of milk didn't do the trick and that is when I found myself shaking uncontrollably with a throbbing boob. Sore to the touch, sore to even look at at this point.

Fast forward to Monday morning as I sat at my OB/GYN's office with baby girl in tow. And by the way, may I add, as I sat waiting for the doctor, for a moment there I felt a little sheepish, really, the same doctor who just saw all of me just 11 weeks ago and now I'm shy about him looking at my poor sore boob.

Anyway, moving on.

So here we go folks, Mastitis, that's what it is. But just not Mastitis alone, I also got the flu along with it as a added bonus. I feel so lucky. And to add a cherry on top, my milk supply dropped, nose dived from 30oz. a day to 24oz. a day. And how does one get that supply up? Pump over time, because that whole supply and demand thing. Cruel, cruel.

It's been a hell of a week. My poor boob.

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