Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I read many sites. Typically, I read them as a lurker, never commenting as many of you do with my site. During my last months at my old place of employment, my days were bored and counted so I would read the sites of those who would comment on other sites. One in particular I had been following for sometime now but never got a moment to add it to my list there on your left. Even the sites to your left have no clue that I'm reading. All I am to them is a IP address. I don't make it a habit to talk about them on my site but today I have made an exception. This particular site caught my attention last summer. Not only was her story interesting but her way with words was mesmerizing. She stopped writing for several months due to heavy and unneeded critisicm from idiot readers and upon her return she was living in England and pregnant. I've known that she was due in February and have been waiting patiently for the post with the news of the arrival of her wee one. That news finally came today and while I read I was just thrilled for her. A little boy, Oliver Harry, 9lbs. 2oz. close to the weight of my Camille. But as I got to the end of her post, I gasped. I gasped so loud my sister asked what was wrong. I gasped because the news she brought was that shocking. And I am sick for her. Her sweet little boy died only 11 days after his birth. I have not met this woman, she has no clue who I am, and here I sit hurting for her as if she and I were college roommates. It's amazing, how you can be an anonymous spectator into someone's life and feel heart broken at their loss.

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