Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Today we brought Camille for a follow up appointment since I started to feed her breast milk.

The good news is that all this pumping has paid off. She now weighs in at a whopping 10lbs. 8oz.

The bad new is that she now has thrush.

Yeah. And let's just say that pumping hurts. It's hurts enough that each time I start pumping I try to remind myself that the excruciating pain I feel is not worse than the 17 hours of back labor I was able to deal with just two weeks earlier. Darnit, if I could do that I can deal with a half hour of searing pain. I could go into detail of how my daughter acquired such a awful condition, but, I'll let you search google for that one. And of course stupid first time parents, we thought the white tongue was cute, sorta like when you eat a piece of candy that is blue and now your tongue is blue? Yeah, we're not that up on things obviously. My doctor took one look at her and asked how I wash her bottles, as if I don't wash them and only rinse them with water. I'm sure she wasn't trying to come across as accusing but I did feel the need to explain very clearly that I use a very good antibacterial dish soap and I painstankingly wash each and every bottle by hand each day.

We've started her on medicine. I'm sure she'll feel better soon but for now my poor baby girl is tainted and her tongue looks like she just licked white out.

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