Saturday, January 21, 2006


Okay, I'm sick of trying to even write a post here.

I've deleted over 3 so far and I wish I had the vocabulary left to tell you why....but I've got nothing. I'm a dried up sponge right now. All creativity and verbal skills have been drained out of me by a almost 4 week old and the repetitive nature of my life now. Well, that and the extreme sleep deprivation that I'm experiencing. Saturday was the first day since the baby was born that I actually got uninterrupted sleep. I made D do the middle of the night feeding. Granted the trade off was that I had to wake up with her but it was worth it. 7 straight hours of sleep was just blissful but still not enough to stop my constant streams of yawns and eye rubbing.

While I wait for my creative streak to return, I leave you pictures because really, that's all you came for anyway (thank goodness because hearing about baby throw up, pumping and mommy guilt I am sure has to be getting boring by now).

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