Saturday, December 03, 2005

Not yet baby

No, I have not had the lack of update unfortunately has been due to sheer exhaustion. Yes, I am cruel, very cruel but also very sorry. But this exhaustion just hit this week and has been so severe that I have actually fallen asleep during what usually is my evening computer time.

I had hoped though to have been able to update on Monday with a post full of words such as dilated, dropped, effacement....anything that meant that Miss Camille was beginning her way out. Instead the only word I've got for you? That would be nothing, as in absolutely no change, as no "Get it out of your head crazy lady you are NOT going to have this baby any earlier than your due date". Which is okay that nothing did happen this week because tomorrow is our 3rd Lamaze class where I get to learn about all the drugs available to me during this event. This I really want to learn because I would like to hear if there is another alternative to having a needle go up my spine in order to help relieve what could possibly be the most excruciating pain I will ever, ever feel. I know, I said possibly and I know that you mom's reading right now are laughing that I would even consider saying it could possibly be when in reality it actually is but see, I'm really trying to not freak myself out and keep a positive outlook.

Funny though, now that same exhaustion that has kept me from the computer this week is now pulling me away. And when I get this exhausted I speak pure nonsense. Now I do promise that from now on, I will update even if it simply says "Nothing". That way no one has to worry, promise!

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