Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Washed Up

Monday night, when I went to bed, I left Camille's room looking like this:

Strangely, when I woke up Tuesday morning, it looked a little more like this:

Confused? Well, so was I as I stood in the hallway at 5 a.m. really really needing to pee but was stopped by the feeling of water at my feet. My first thought? The cat peed on the carpet. As I took another step, I thought "Wow! The cat really peed on the carpet". But somehow it sorta register that maybe something isn't right here so I turned on the kitchen light and, to my poor pregnant minds surprise my entire apartment was covered in water. The bathroom, hallway, kitchen, front room, and Camille's room covered in at least 2 inches of water. As stood in there in shock I considered how I should handle this new 5 a.m. It was apparent I had 3 choices:

1. Wake up D and tell him that no, my water didn't break but obviously some inanimate objects did.

2. Let D sleep and frantically run around bailing the water out of the apartment.

3. Quietly crawl back into bed, pretending I hadn't discovered the apartment covered in water and let him figure it out when he wakes up.

Now, I'd like to say that I was leaning heavily on option #2. But sadly option #3 was so tempting, I so badly just wanted to crawl back into bed because the night had been going oh so well. I had, up to that point, absolutely no heartburn and was actually sleeping through the night. The only reason I went with option #1 was because, remember how I mentioned I had to pee? Well, I really really had to pee and standing in 2 inches of water just wasn't helping. So, I quietly whispered D's name, figuring my sleep like a rock husband would take forever to wake up. To my surprise, he almost jumped out of bed as if he had programmed himself for a early wake up call for Ms. Priss appearance. I think he was a little disappointed to hear that it wasn't the baby but the apartment. Covered in water.

You know, D hadn't taken off a day of work since he started back in August and he was due a little vacation and it was almost like being at the beach, almost. We had the water, plenty of it. We had sand from the cats kitty litter (hint hint: in turns out that the clumpable litter and wet cat paws is a really really big sandy mess) and the swooshing sound from the combination of the dehumidifier and full blast fast going.

It turns out that the problem began in our neighbors apartment. The hose going from the wall to his toilet snapped in the middle of the night. After his place filled completely with water, every square inch that is, the water then drained into our place. Thank goodness we had some dry land, our entire bedroom got saved and part of the front room. Of course, the part of the front room that did get hit had to be the part with D's monster HDTV on it. We actually heard the water as it drained into the room closer and closer to the T.V. It turns out, that when water is draining through the walls into your apartment, it makes this cute little squealing sound.

We are not dry yet. The carpets are still a little damp even after the carpet guys came in with this super duper water sucker and drained 20 gallons of water from the carpet. We had already gotten at least 15 gallons out before they came with shop vacs. Now we have this lovely smell in the apartment, the smell of damp carpet, similar to that of a wet dog. The carpet people will be back on Friday to clean and destink the carpets...or something like that, they had some professional name for it, but you get the point. Until Friday, I get to live with all my furniture either in different rooms or pulled away from the damaged carpet and get to experience the lovely smell of wet dog. It could have worse, I know that. I could work for inconsiderate employers who would insist that I try to make into work regardless of my apartment being under water. Oh wait, I do work for inconsiderate employers who did ask what time they should expect me into work. That's D I was thinking, he works for the nice employer. So nice that he actually stopped by to see if everything was okay. And no, you can't work for him, he's D's and we don't share!

But, all in all, this will be an experience that I am sure in years, heck maybe even weeks to come we'll look back and laugh at. I am proud of us though, not shocked, just proud. We worked together as a team, didn't bicker once and got the job done. And to celebrate? We stuffed our faces over a Hibachi table tonight. So, it's that time again where I begin my voyage to bed through the insanely loud hallway that we should now refer to as our own personal wind tunnel.

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