Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A good mix of drama & deadlines

Do you realize that, come tomorrow, Thanksgiving is exactly 2 weeks away?

Do you also realize that it means that in 2 weeks I will be 36 weeks pregnant.

And also, the job has put out an ad in the paper to replace me, I'm being replaced which means in 6 weeks I will no longer be working here. Meaning? When I fill out any other document in 6 weeks, and it asked for my occupation, I will check the box now that reads "Homemaker" instead of "Non-profit" which technically, I'll still be working non-profit because, duh, there will be no profit financially from my new career move.

And with Thanksgiving being only 2 weeks away, there is still drama in the family. So, who the hell knows if we will even get together for Thanksgiving because as it stands right now, with the drama in the family, I'll be buying myself a Rotisserie Chicken and eating it with me, D and the cat because really, I'm not about the drama these days. Can you tell? I've only posted about it twice and even then it was sugar coated. No drama. My life is good and I've worked hard as hell to make it that way. Why is that these things always happen around the holidays, dammit, it gets us all the time.

Okay, that's all I'm saying about that. But, I'm ready as I can be for Ms. Camille's appearance. I examined the breast pump this weekend and got somewhat of a clue how it will work. I went through the gazillion bottles my sister gave me and washed the ones I hope Camille will use. Let's pray that Camille likes this brand because I really think these bottles are pretty. Yes, I said pretty. And, I bought baby wash and lotion, wipes AND a bag of diapers. The only thing I had not done was signed up for Lamaze, until Monday when I finally remembered to call under severe peer pressure. Everyone says I need it and since I know the last thing about labor maybe it would be nice to learn this stuff. But, because I called so late the class will run into my 38th week, hopefully they'll go over the whole "this is what contractions are" thing early, just in case. I have this dream that I can go a week early. Laugh all of you who are mom's, I know, I'm a dreamer but I can wish because I really don't want to spend Christmas in the hospital.

I promise I'll post a new belly picture soon. It has grown, it's big, I won't say huge right now because I know in a couple weeks I will gigantic. So, let's just call it big for the moment.

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